After discussing this idea with our current authors, I have decided that with the new theme it is also time for a more drastic change.  For over 4 years TRDM has provided great content from a host of current and former authors.  We have survived and prospered at times, even though the Mets have went through what some consider their darkest years (obviously those are the ones that are over dramatic).

However, often changes are needed to continue to grow or even to keep from becoming complacent.  While much work has went into developing our brand, our brand is no longer relevant to our new readers.  While most of you still remember the events that lead up to the development of this community, and I do think that community describes this place much better than blog, our new readers have no connection to our name. 

That being said it's time for a change.  Today and through Monday TRDM will be taking suggestions for a new name.  While joking is fun here, we are very serious about the future of this blog and as always this blog has been by the fans and for the fans so we take your opinion seriously. 

In the comment section below, please post your thoughts on the name change itself as well as any suggestions.   Suggestions will then be compiled, voted on and narrowed down until we have a clear winner that represents what we have here and what we have worked so hard to maintain.