After exam, Harvey expected to try to rehab before resorting to surgery

So I guess most of us had a feeling it would go down this way for nothing in Mets world ever has closure until it's really over.  I hope this decision is for the best.  For now, the Mets must make decisions based on Harvey maybe, possibly, perhaps, could be, might be the opening day starter.  Haven't we been down this road about every damn season Johan and or Pedro were on the team?  

So lets see how this plays out.  Mets can't sign a top pitcher because Harvey could be there and they don't want to block the guys in AA and AAA.  Mets resort to signing Chris Young/Shawn Marcum type.  Harvey ends up not ready to start the season, neither is the veteran emergency guy designed to take his place.  Kids aren't ready, and Nelson Figgy is brought in for the home opener.  

Now back to reality.  I do wonder how this decision affects the Mets plans?  I am guessing that they will wait until last minute to bring in that starter and will try to address the offensive needs through FA first hoping to buy more time to see what happens with Harvey's rehab.