Yesterday the Mets did some weeding out, some of those moves slightly surprising.  Many reporters/bloggers posted the expected cuts of Atchison and Quintanilla.  However, the Mets backed that up with 3 more surprising moves.  First was Jordany Valdespin who was the most controversial crappy player since Ruben Gotay, and then the hammer fell on the red headed step-child Turner and the backup starter Hefner.  

Obviously any of these players are free to re-sign with the Mets.  With the case of Hefner it wouldn't surprise me at all if this was an agreement made between the Mets and Hefner to free up a roster spot until the season starts where he can be placed on the 60 day DL again. 

So now the 40 man roster stands at 35 but looking at the list, there's more dead weight that could be moved or at least bumped off the 40 man roster. 

1st is Zach Lutz.  Lutz will turn 28 during the season next year and has managed just 37 MLB PA.  He has been a solid minor league hitter but that's about it.  He can play 3B and 1B and dabbled in LF last year but he isn't being kept around for his defense.  Honestly he appears like a lesser Satin clone so pick one and move the other. 

Erik Van Norman Goeddel (I like his entire name) is another.  While he is still young at age 24 he still was in AA last year and didn't have anything close to a spectacular season.  I know it's important to keep cheap minor league SP depth but if they need a spot I can't imagine he wouldn't pass through waivers. 

Kirk Nieuwenhuis, man we were all in love with Captain Kirk but he also like Lutz is similar to a guy who may be better.  Den Dekker appears to have better defense and at least as good of a bat.  Nieuwie turns 27 during the season next year. 

Finally Andrew Brown.  Brown struggled mightly in his 165 PA with a 

.227 .288 .400 .688

He did manage to go 6/24 as a pinch hitter with a couple of HR.  He for sure has the power but that's about all the 29 year old seems to offer. 


Obviously some of these guys need to be kept for depth reasons.  If you let them go then you are out there searching for Fred Lewis types just to fill out your AAA roster.  I just threw these names out there as guys who could still go if Alderson manages to bring in more talent and more spots are needed. Also, to bring into question any of the guys released.  Should they have kept any of those in favor of any of these guys?