I think Eric Young and Daniel Murphy were twins separated at birth.  Both 28 years old, they have much more in common than that.  

But wait, Eric Young is no where near the hitter of Murph... of course not that's not what I am saying.  Murphy as we discussed earlier is a guy that while he is league average, he just seems to get it done with the old school stats, doubles, runs, RBI, steals all have him as one of the best 2B in the league.  

Last night, Eric Young tied for the NL lead in steals but even more impressive is the 36 in only 88 games and 405 PA with the Mets.  He isn't a high OBP guy, his defense isn't the best ever, but he has the tendency of being in the middle of everything exactly when the Mets need him.  Is this one of those Murphy and Young are gritty?  I am not sure because I normally shy away from those type comments, I do believe however that they are great complementary players that every decent team needs. 

And OF of Young and Lagares in LF and CF is a damn site better than the combinations thrown in LF and at times CF in the last decade.  It does leave a nice hole to be filled in RF with a productive hitter that can make up for defense first guys in the other spots, why not look at that as a positive instead of a negative?  (I'm trying).

With options such as Cesar Puello waiting in the wings, Young appears to be the perfect stopgap allowing other spots to be filled with more high profile players.  EYJR also fills the need of a leadoff hitter and again lessens the need to find a leadoff hitter at either SS or RF.  

So what do we think, do we only see him as a 4th OF or a guy who fits that role player like Murphy that every team needs?