I'll be back, you know. You know, we have a great team here, you know. I'm thrilled at the way Ollie has bounced back, you know, so we're actually signing him to a 5 year extension. You know what I'm sayin'?It's not even been 24 hours since this horrific season ended and  already there is a Press Conference.   This is good, I have to admit that I like this.   If anything,  maybe this season has taught the Front Office of the Mets something, and that is  to never let this happen again.  2009 Mets, can anyone remember a highlight from this season, not counting the Jeff Francoeur trade and the reunited 69 team?   I could remember some, but everyone of them is from a  team playing   against the Mets.I like the fact that the Mets are wasting no time  addressing some issues  of this team.     Today's press conference is evidence of that.    I want to see some changes and I want to see the Front Office of the Mets making decisions, good decisions.   (I hope this statement isn't an oxymoron like Giant shrimp).     I also want the  them to watch every playoff game.   I want them to see what the other teams have and look at what this team is lacking and fix it.  If the Wilpons are not willing to do this they should sell the team.    O.K. Omar,   who's staying and who's packing their bags?    However the outcome, please don't make fools out of us.   Don't tell this already tired fan base that everything is Status Quo.    That is not a press conference, that's a death sentence. And if that's the case, then  today won't be a new beginning but the beginning of a new end.