I know, I know, sad isn't it?

Anyway, with Peralta off the market with a 4 year 53M contract (man that's awful) the Mets have to look elsewhere for SS solutions.  Earlier in the off-season the Mets were rumored to be interested in Rafel Furcal.  While many laughed, it appears that many fans and bloggers are now warming up to Furcal in this pitiful market. 

So today we look at another possible short-term solution.  Willie Bloomquist.  Bloomquist is more known as a utility IF and one that had a career year last year boasting a:

.317 .360 .367 .727 in only 48 games. 

This doesn't seem to be a fluke however as in 2012 he also managed a:

.302 .325 .398 .724

Now of course the question is, how bad would he be as a full-time SS?  The problem is that his sample sizes are not what I would like to use UZR as a guide.  His last 3 years are 1.0, -15.5, 11.0 so those are mostly useless.  He has a .975 fielding percentage in his 11 seasons which is consistent with what he has done recently.  

It appears he would be more of an older version of Justin Turner, just without the pies and most likely a better fielder.  

Asking him to play 150+ games at SS would be unrealistic but if you did pair him with a guy like Furcal, a switch hitter, you could most likely patch work your SS position much better than the feeble attempt of 2013.