Jeff Wilpon weighs in on offseason plans

Brief summary:

  • No bid on Abreu because they believe they have enough candidates to fill the spot internally.  
  • One of Ike or Duda will most likely be traded. 
  • The Mets only consider 3B, Niese, Wheeler and Gee as set positions for 2014. 
  • Harvey is feeling good and that's a good thing. 
  • Harvey was allowed his own time to come to the notion of surgery and all parties agreed. 
  • "I would say a little bit of transition, because we have definite deficiencies that we've got to fill this offseason, and the ability to do it. So I think that's good." 
  • Too early to tell if the Mets will go primarily through FA or trades to improve the roster. 
  • "That's always been part of the plan, to use the money that is coming off the books and try to improve the team," Wilpon said. "I can't tell you exactly what's going to happen, though. As we get further into the offseason, we'll know a little bit better. ... "
  • Wilpon, like me, is very concerned about the Mets incredibly poor home record.  He too however, has no idea what the exact issue is, only theories. 

Again, I make it a life mission of mine to really pay as little attention as possible to anything an owner or GM says.  Thus, we can debate all these things as much as we want.  I personally feel that GMs and owners only have one thing in mind when speaking with the fans and the first priority is never telling the truth.