Oliver Perez, where do I begin?   Make it or Break it?   The only thing Perez is making is a Starbucks run and you know what? -he's paying.  The biggest mistake he made was playing for the WBC.   I believe this is where is all started.   He was never in shape to begin with and by skipping   three quarters of camp to play, he put himself in front of the organization and his team mates.   Of course the Mets were not allowed to stop him from playing(we know this is an entirely different issue to be discussed at a later time)   but Perez should have known  better especially after signing a 36 million dollar contract.  This year, as all of us know, was a nightmare watching him pitch.   His inconsistency, lack of command, lost of focus  and just plain of desire on the mound typified every outing. I hated watching him pitch,  he couldn't hold a lead and  I felt at times that I could do a better job.    I was at his final game against the Phillies and I have to be honest, what happened that day didn't surprise me one bit.   When Jerry pulled him off the mound after watching him give up 2  3-run home runs and going 3-0 to Pedro Martinez, the Mets fans were embarrassed and angry and the Philly Fans(and there were a lot of them) simply laughed.   I think the bat boy would have pitched better that day.Can Oliver Perez help the Mets win?   Unless Omar can slip a "roofie" to another Gm and trade Perez in the off season, the Mets have no choice but to keep him.   I'll tell you what, the Mets can win with him if he is their fifth starter.   If he is anything but that, we are in serious trouble next year.    Just for laughs though, lets play out a scenario that just might work out.   IF Perez works out in the off season.   And  I don't mean just  hitting a gym and running a few laps I'm talking Rocky like training, y'know.   Like  maybe Perez goes into the mountains and  trains real hard, grows a beard,  does all these obscure exercises and listens to bad 80's music, lose some weight and show up to Port St. Lucie in  early March before everyone else  does, then maybe he can contribute.    IF Perez  is throwing fastballs that look like BB's in February and is hungry, maybe he can be the starter the  Mets  envisioned when they signed him.The sad thing is he needs to want to do this, and right now, I don't see it.   What will motivate him is beyond me.I would think 36 million dollars would do that for us.