Mets, Jay Z hold secret meeting about Cano

​OK, OK, yeah we all know that this is just normal operations.  Agent ask to meet with team, team feels obligated, they have a good time and perhaps even discuss how to get Cano the most money.  It's not really a bad situation for either to meet, think of it as a practice for Jay-Z as the Cano market shapes up.  No most of us don't believe there is any meat to the story.  However, could a case be made?

First of all, Cano isn't getting 300M.  That's not happening, anytime soon.  There will be a 300M man but this isn't the time or place.  There's just not enough of a market out there.  I fully expect something after an option year pushing 8/200.  I like Cano and 2 years ago he may have gotten 250M but I have to wonder if some of these big contracts that have flopped will hold down that market a little? 

So lets assume 25M AAV for Cano.  Lets also assume for this post that the Mets payroll would be bumped up to 100M for this coming season and with wins... about 10M increase per year for the next 3 years following bringing them back to 140M.  I know, lofty but again this is just for fun anyway. Cano would be signed through 2021, David Wright through 2020.  Here's where the genius of Wright's deal structure plays in their favor.  While you can't have 2 players tying up 50% of payroll, 30-33% is workable.  The Phillies next year with 160M payroll will still have over 30% allotted to two players.  As we all remember, Wright's deal was middle loaded, really front loaded if you just take out last year's odd ball year.  

13:$11M, 14:$20M, 15:$20M, 16:$20M, 17:$20M, 18:$20M, 19:$15M,20:$12M

You could structure Cano's deal the following and account for 10M rise in payroll each year, keeping the percentage around 33%. 

14: 13M, 15: 16.5M, 16: 20M, 17: 23M, 18: 26.5M, 19: 31M, 20: 35M, 21: 35M Total: 8/200M

So that's easy, payroll questions out of the way. (Again, this is for fun anyway but of course you could do the famous Met deferment payments as well). 

Now what would this allow the Mets to do?

Trade a package with Ike Davis for Matt Joyce and Jeremy Hellickson.  I am not sure it would take more than a lower level pitcher thrown in to make that deal work. 

Trade Duda to the Brewers for Aoki. 

Trade Murphy for a SS. I shouldn't place a name out there because they have all been discussed but someone's favorite partner the White Sox would seem to be a match.  So Alexi Ramirez come on down. 

Sign Chris Young... no not that one, the hitter.  I haven't seen a lot concerning his market but I would assume between 3-5M?  Anyone got a better guess?

So the Mets would have added Cano for 13M, maybe add 3M to the Hellickson, Joyce for Davis swap.  Aoki and Duda are a wash.  Ramirez makes 9.5M next year, perhaps the White Sox chip in the difference in salary between Murphy and Ramirez but if not add 4M to the pile.  Add in Young's 3-5M and that brings us to only 20-25M of added salary for 2014 with a much more complete lineup. 

I know we all hate lineup projections but lets take a look. 

Aoki, TDA, Wright, Cano, Young/Joyce, Ramirez, Flores (1B), Lagares

​World beaters?  Perhaps not, however, you didn't have to trade any of your top pitching prospects.  

Niese, Wheeler, Gee, Hellickson, Mejia with Montero and Synder on the way and Harvey back by 2015 gives you the potential of an elite pitching staff and room to make trades to improve 1B and the corner OF spots later.  

Of course keep in mind this is just for show, there's a lot of assumptions and moving parts here.