Today's link comes to TRDM from longtime blog Faith and Fear in Flushing. 

The Years Some Things Change

It's a very interesting article that looks back at the 1973 season and also discusses Matthew Silverman's book Swinging ’73

Considering this is like the forgotten season for me as a Mets fan as it was before I was born and wasn't as demanding of a topic as the 1969 readings this book is a must read for me. 

The article by Greg Prince also digs into the discussion of why the Mets are so reluctant to embrace their own traditions, noting the Mets didn't even celebrate the 40th anniversary of this WS trip. 

 It was truly negligent of the Mets to not celebrate what it all still means to us in 2013. I’ve heard tell the folks in the counting house did a short-term cost/benefit analysis and decided a 1973 Day that went beyond the distribution of playing cards wasn’t a surefire draw, so they skipped it. I’d respond — in the kind of language they might grasp — that brand equity doesn’t activate itself.

I don’t know what will change in 2014, but I hope the Mets’ reluctance to fully embrace the Mets does.