This morning's link comes from an interesting Mets blog you may have not been aware of, 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball.

WALK THIS WAY: Where Math Meets Old School, and Allan Dykstra Becomes a Test Case

In this post the guys debate (the norm as you have 2 guys talking Mets baseball) the approach that Alderson seems to be stressing on offense, if it's working and perhaps some misconceptions.  

I don't agree with much of what's written but it's an informative, intelligent, well thought out debate.  That's certainly something that is often missing on the internet, especially in Met land.  

Here was what I left in the comment section as a response:

This is an interesting read. However, I think that just by comparing seasons run totals, SO, OBP, etc would be unfair to the process. Of course many will use this a detractor against Alderson’s job here but it is fair to the discussion.

In 2011, the Mets had half a season of Carlos Beltran playing well enough to net Wheeler, Reyes having a career year, Duda playing out of his mind, Murphy having a career year, the top 6 of the lineup looked like this to start year with Davis playing like the best 1B in the NL


The 2012 Mets had:

The 2013 Mets had:
uh… Murphy and Wright.

Considering the names the Mets had out there this season and even their minor league numbers, I am astonished they aren’t last in every offensive category.

Again, that isn’t making excuses, I am just saying I don’t think using this group of rookies and misfits is a good way to judge an offensive strategy.