My name is Andrew and I have been a Mets fan all my life. For the past month, I have been writing for my own blog, Because Of The Mets. I first started blogging 2 years ago, and have tried to create a successful blog ever since. I have failed at it many times, mainly because of all the great blogs already out their such as this one. I believe that if I help contribute to a blog already prospering that I will become a better writer. I will be writing about specific players on the Mets, trade rumors, off-season rumors, and much much more. Believe it or not, I was a Yankees' fan when I was 7; in fact, I was a die hard Yankees' fan. To make it short, I became a Mets fan when my (life long Mets fan) grandpa passed away. Ever since then I have been bleeding orange and blue. Hopefully the Mets can win it all soon! If you would like, you can read posts on my previous blog at My Twitter is @hocho99. I look forward to blogging at The Real Dirty Mets. Thank you