What I hated the most last year(2008) was not the fact that the Mets didn't make the playoffs, or that Philly won the World Series; It was the fact that everyone in baseball loved the Philadelphia Phillies.   Or at least seemed to,   They were the "feelgood" team of last season.The Mets, well, they were they were accused of celebrating too much and were not as likable.Now is it 2009 and you know what?   I'm not sensing that fuzzy feelgood feeling from around the league for the Philadelphia Phillies.   Maybe it is because they have won the Fall Classic last year.For me, I could care either way until last week when I read that Cole Hamels was upset that the Philles weren't playing in prime time.Is he kidding?It was at that point that I decided that the Phillies are no longer this underdog, play for the fans, "you gotta believe" team.Will I root for them in the Series vs the Yanks?   I really don't know which is a worse team.I don't care how good they all get along in the clubhouse and how they all are such a great bunch of guys to play with, the Yankees have as much warmth as black ice.     But when you spend the money, you can buy warmth.  As the Yankees clearly demonstrated.My Feelgood team of the year has to be the Angels.   After what Mike Scioscia did this year  and the tragedy they  went through in the beginning of the season.   I hope they never lose another  game again.