It's that time of year again and if I may ignore the fact that the Mets may or may not be willing to spend there is a player that fits everything the Mets are looking for in a positional bat and could be the missing link Alderson and company are looking for...



Brian McCann

No it isn't Gomez, it's the fire breathing one blocking the plate.  "But, the Mets have Travis d'Arnaud​."  Yes, they sure do but I am not looking at McCann as a full time catcher anymore.  McCann has been rumored to being open to playing 1B as well as catcher.  Alderson mentioned in a recent interview that finding a veteran backup catcher would be a priority until TDA can prove durable enough to handle the position.  

What better way to fill that position than with a LH bat that can also play 1B?  Playing McCann at the catcher position 50-60 games and 1B/DH the rest of the season would most likely keep him fresh while also providing mentoring and insurance for d'Arnaud.  If you allow McCann to catch vs tough RH pitchers you could also keep a guy like Duda as a backup 1B, bat off the bench and emergency LF.  This would also make Ike and his salary unnecessary.  

So how much will McCann command? According to Tim Dierkes at MLBTR

" I think a fair average annual value for a very good player who is not a superstar is around $16-17MM.  Ultimately I expect McCann to sign a five-year, $80MM deal."

To me that might be a little long in years.  I am expecting closer to 4/68 with an option.  However, what that does is give you a hitter in the middle of the lineup that also has flexibility in being able to play an up the middle position.  

Later in the week I will finish this idea with my annual what the Mets should do but won't post.