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Once again, we head into the offseason with a team that suffered through another losing year. One could argue that we are a #1 starter and a productive, power-hitting, middle-of-the-order OF from simply returning to the 2013 status quo.

There aren't a lot of great options in free agency for the Mets. As mentioned here, Abreu would be a great fit. Perhaps Choo's game would translate well into Citi, he could replace Byrd's production, and provide the leadoff OBP we desperately need. Then EYJ could bat 6th or 7th where he belongs, and be a much more valuable player. Maybe Arroyo is a fine answer. He's started 30 games or more every year for decades, he's gotten better as he's aged for the most part, and he's spent his entire career in hitter's parks. He actually might really excel in Citi Field. He also might have the physical and mental makeup to be the one pitcher who may be able to avoid the Mets' recent pitching injury curse.

Or should they go the trade route? It's doubtful that they would try to work out a trade for Stanton, Tulo, or Cargo, players the fan target most often, as the cost in young pitchers would certainly be high. Maybe one of the often bandied-about options with the Angels?

Another route is to, once again, use some or all of 2014 to "see what we've got" in Wheeler, Montero, Syndergaard (possibly on the mid-season Harvey/Wheeler Super 2 track), d'Arnaud, Flores, Lagares, etc. As Harvey's gone for the year, why not wait, see how the kids develop, and if there's a lot of promise, use some of the "money coming off the books" and really be "buyers!" in the second half of the year. (As an aside, while it did make a lot of sense, how have we come to the point that the Mets made a late-season veteran trade for prospects with the playoff-bound Pirates?)

The latter idea does, sadly, have some merit, unless the team is really going to go out and get Abreu and/or another bat, a starter of Arroyo's quality and durability, a SS, and maybe another piece or two.

What do YOU think?

All-in on some serious bat?

Arroyo or someone similar?

Or head into 2014 with a bunch of clearly promising kids and a war chest (hopefully) of available dough to use to really get the team ready for 2015, when the rotation might be Harvey, Wheeler, Syndergaard, Niese, Gee and/or Montero/Mejia/???