omarjeffriccoThis is not going to be easy.   As the Mets play into oblivion, the Yankees and the Phillies will be getting ready for the playoffs.Did it have to be them?   Both of them at once.There is no denying it.   In a couple of days, the Yankees will be celebrating the AL EAST(or at least  the wild card).   Girardi will be covered with champagne and A-rod will be talking about how  this post-season will be different than all the others.   I'm quite  sure that we'll see  Girardi's jersey   make an appearance as well, and of course the shaving cream pies.It hurts a lot.  You know what might hurt even more?   Watching Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins hugging each other in the locker room with their new t-shirts that read NL EAST CHAMPS.     Ryan  Howard will be dumping champagne on Charlie Manuel as Pedro Martinez runs around the clubhouse with that big smile on his face.This is  a reality.   Sorry.   I know it's bad.  I'll take nothing away from  either one of these teams.   As much as I hate to admit it, they deserve it.   The Yankees spent  the equivalent of Cuba's national treasury to get the pitching and the hitting they needed  and the Phillies filled in the holes with much needed trades.I admire them....and I  hate them.   I'll root against the Yankess and won't shed a tear when Burnett gets shelled in the 5th inning and Joba serves up a longball.   I'll drink 8 beers when the Philly bullpen gives up the lead in the 9th.  I could only hope and wish this will happen, I can't imagine both teams making the Fall Classic.    I'll cross that bridge if  and when I get   there.Regardless, I'll watch the games, I am  a  Met fan as well as a baseball fan.    My question is, will the Wilpons and Omar watch as well? I hope  they watch every second of the playoffs.  Call it motivation.   I want them to see the other teams and their fans.   I want them to look a packed Citizens Bank Field and an overpriced Yankee stadium.   I want them to hear the announcers talk about how their teams battled through the year and rose above adversity.   I want them to see and remember everything and most of all,  take  notes.   Lots of notes.   Please take notes.I hope that will   be enough to get the message through to  the Wilpons  that this team needs to have a huge off-season.   Omar(or who ever is in charge), find the players; Fred, open up the wallet and spend the money.I can't take another season like this one.