It's a Grand-y day in Flushing as the Mets announce the signing of Curtis Granderson - 4 years, $60 million.
He'll likely be the opening day leftfielder with slick fielding Juan Lagares in center and recent addition Chris Young in rightfield. Almost a real major league outfield.

All the serious writers are having their say on that and the Robinson Cano boondoggle in Seattle so I figured the Di-Jest had to jump in too.

I could just imagine that after the Granderson signing Alderson marched the new Met out to home plate at Citifield and pointed saying, "See way, way out there? Those are the fences. We're hoping you can knock a few balls over them but we'll take triples if you can't."

Do the Mets really expect the 40 HR seasons that Granderson has put up in the past? No I doubt that. I think the bar has been set a good bit lower: be better than Jason Bay was and have better Aprils through June than Ike Davis usually has.

It's been fun watching Twitter light up on Friday. Mets fans seem to act like this is the kickoff to a glorious offseason that will be filled with more signings and savvy trades. I'm feeling like Alderson and Co. are ready to close shop having spent all the Channukah gelt that ownership has provided.

A number of Mets fans are giddy over this signing and I hate to pop their bubbles. If the Mets were good for 74 wins before the signing I think they can win 76 or 77 with it. Not exactly the promised land.

Now if the front office can actually accomplish something at the Winter Meetings then that will be something. But I'm from the Missouri section of New York state- show me.



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