A little less than a year ago, shortly after David Wright signed his big contract with the Mets, he was named the team's captain. No one thought much of it but since that time the staff of the Di-Jest has been investigating how this came to be. We presented our findings to the PBS's FRONTLINE thinking we had a great expose (pronounced expose-say in this case) for them. They laughed and showed us the door. The laugh will be on them the next time they run a Peter, Paul & Mary beg-a-thon and expect donations from LarrySmith and/or Mrs.LarrySmith.

Anyway we have pared it down to just this article.

As you might recall Wright signed an eight year, $135 million contract in December of 2012. And while that might seem like more money than you or I can imagine it was probably somewhat less than he might have gotten from a true big-market baseball team. So why did he "settle" for just this?

His agents came to GM Sandy Alderson asking for $140 million as their so-called final offer.

The Mets came back and said $135 and we'll throw in the captaincy.

David said "deal."

The Mets wanted this done legally in a baseball manner. So before the press conference on SNY they brought in former major leaguer Vance Law to administer the oath of office.

This is what David stated aloud and signed.

"I, David Allen Wright, being of sound mind and being a far better than average baseball player - infielder specifically - who has played with just one organization my whole career, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will preserve, protect, and defend the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club to the best of my ability. I further swear (or affirm) that I will do my best to stay off Page Six of the New York Post, be a role model for fans and my teammates, and will not besmirch the names of the Mets' owners - Fred Wilpon, Saul Katz, and Jeffrey Wilpon - no matter how besmirchable they may be. So help me Baseball gods."


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