It is hard for a Mets fan to feel very positive about his/her team. Let's see we've got Matt Harvey, David Wright and's all folks.

So escaping the negative aura that pervades the Metist atmosphere can be a challenge. But I have decided to occasionally go all Matt Cerrone on you and try to write some positive uplifting things about Mets players and management.

I'll start slow with this one and in future columns I might get into the true challenges. You'll know I am at full bore when I write an article praising the Wilpons. That article probably will precede by one the article I'll do describing the redeeming features of Alex Rodriguez (A-ROD) and Josef Stalin (J-STAL).

And while I will get to praising Justin Turner in a moment (that's an engine that starts slowly) I'll begin by telling you that I think Justin's post-game pie-throwing behavior is boorish, childish, and unbecoming of a grown man. He should stop doing that. I know no one who thinks it is cute, funny, or adorable and find it hard to believe that he thinks it is.

OK, that's out of my system.

Justin Turner is a useful ballplayer. He hits pretty well for average, albeit without power, and can handle both lefthanded and righthanded pitching. His primary asset is his ability to sort of play multiple positions.

In 2013 he played all the infield spots and one game in leftfield.

Actually I suspect that he actually didn't play a game in left. I think he was scheduled to play SS or 3B and noticed a $20 bill that had blown out of the stands and landed in short left. When Justin went out to pocket the bill the official scorer must have seen him out there and voila - 1 game in LF.

Justin plays 1B against lefties that Ike Davis and Lucas Duda can't hit also known as, ALL lefties. Actually Justin sometimes gets beaten to 1B by Josh Satin but - no biggie -

because Justin then will play SS against lefties that Quintanilla or Tejada can't hit, also known as ALL lefties.

But wait. If David Wright is nursing a hammie then Justin can play there. His competition there came from rookie Wilmer Flores. Flores has some potential and we Mets fans hope for the best from him. Unfortunately he runs as if he's carrying Ramon Castro on his back so sometimes the better choice is Turner.

Turner's true position, if he actually has one, is 2B. But Daniel Murphy has that spot pretty well staked out. And on that rare occasion when Manager Collins opts to rest Daniel there tends to be a land rush between guys like Flores, Valdespin (remember him?), Eric Young Jr., and Justin for the spot.

So in summing up. Turner can hit a bit and can play the infield positions. His range at SS is nothing to write home about but at least he may get a hit which is more than we can say about the other two candidates.

And he's has a lot of bright red hair if that's something you care about.



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