Even though he's been gone for decades I believe many or most of you are familiar with the classic Johnny Carson character Carnac the Magnificent.   For those of you who aren't here's a description from Wikipedia:

Carnac the Magnificent was a recurring comedic role played by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. One of Carson's most well known characters, Carnac was a "mystic from the east" who could psychically "divine" unseen answers to unknown questions. 

Carnac was "assisted" by Johnny's sidekick/foil Ed McMahon who never heard a Carson line that he didn't find roll-on-the-floor funny.   For the Di-Jest version of Carnac I have selected a similarly amiable assistant, WFAN's own Ed Coleman.

The way it works is that Ed hands me the envelope which I hold against my turban and then I provide him with the question that fits the answer that I've been given.

For instance if I'm told the answer is "DOWNTON ABBEY"  I might respond with the question: "Who is the sister of DOWNTON ANN LANDERS?"

OK, enough lead-in.


The answer is:  "75 and 87"

And now I open the envelope to reveal the question:   How many games will Travis d'Arnaud and Curtis Granderson play before being placed on the disabled list?


The answer is: "Jason Bay Is Retired"

And the question:   What did Gary Cohen say after about 80% of Jason Bay's at bats as a Met?


The answer is::"AROD's 800th homerun"

And the question:    What might you see during your 17th Strat-O-Matic replay of the 2005 Yankees' season?


The answer is:  "Joan Payson, Nelson Doubleday, and Jeff Wilpon"

The question:    Name two beloved former Mets' owners and the guy who got the club's AAA team booted out of Buffalo all the way to Las Vegas


The answer is:   "Imaginary numbers"

The question:    What would you call them if I told you that Anthony Recker was going to hit .280 with 20 homeruns in 2014?


The answer is:  "Daniel Murphy leads the league in hitting and wins the Gold Glove."

The question:   With their typical luck what would happen the moment the Mets traded Daniel Murphy?


The answer is:  "Bobby Parnell's neck"

The question:  What can be found just below Bobby Parnell's head?


and the final answer....


The question:   Where in the SNY-TV booth do Gary, Ron, and Keith insist Ralph sit if his lunch is disagreeing with him?


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