It usually shows up in the mail around early November,   sometimes later.   The letter has a Mets logo on it and inside is a nice form letter that attempts to get me excited about the up-and coming season with the Mets.   It's my Season Ticket renewal letter.  And they want the Money right around the holidays.I've been a season ticket holder going on 14 years now.   I've seen my share of  some good times and bad.  Well, the time is drawing closer and I will be  taking a hard look at what I'm   spending my money on this year with this team.I watched Tuesday's interview   and I came away with a very mixed feeling.Part of me can't seem to believe a word they say.   Right now, they are on the Apology Tour 2009, I feel that they will say just about anything to appease their fans and sell tickets; however, I'm not reaching for my wallet just yet.The other part of me wants to believe that they are telling the truth.   This year must have been embarrassing to them on all sorts of levels,   be it the stadium, the blowouts, the bad press conferences, the injuries and of course the standings.As the interview wound down I couldn't help to wonder,  is  Jeff Wilpon  really is going to allow Omar to spend the money and improve this team.    My advice to him is that he'd better.   Honestly, can they afford not to?   Could you really imagine during the interview, Omar was giggling under his breath and Jeff was kicking Dave under the table and when the commercials came on  they all laughed as they were telling Mike and all the Met fans  everything   they wanted us to hear?    And deep down they were  sharing a  dirty  little secret that they have no intention of spending money and finding the players this team needs.    This can't really be what's happening, can it?   Can the Wilpons really handcuff Minaya with money and thus preventing him from picking up the free agents he needs to improve this ball club?Then lets get ready to see the  Phillies win the East again, the Braves or Marlins winning the Wild Card, and the Mets   fighting it out   with the Nationals for last.Citi  Field will become  a ghost town, except for when the Yankees and Phillies play.   Then all the seats will be blue or bright red.   You think the Wilpons will enjoy that?   Do you think they enjoyed that this year?    Do you think they like watching the Yankees and the Phillies playing October baseball while their team makes Tee times?I'm a big Met fan, but I'm no sucker.   I work hard for my money and if the Mets want to see any of it, I want to see some serious action in the off-season.   I want to see a good free agent signings and a couple of trades.   I want to feel good when I wake up during the Christmas break knowing that I got a good free agent sitting under my tree.If the Wilpons and Omar do this, they will get my money.   I will work extra to pony up the cash. I've done it before and I have no problems doing it again.I'm not going to work extra to watch the New York Pirates.