The New York Mets will be in search of a starting pitcher this off-season. While there are many options out in the free agent market, the Mets have a choice of a guy whose in reach. Johan Santana; A two-time Cy Young Award winner with the Twins. Now many Mets fans thought Santana had pitched his last ever game with the Mets. But early today, Mets GM Sandy Alderson said in a statement that the team would consider bringing back veteran lefty starter Johan Santana on a small deal. The Mets are going to buyout Santana's contract for 2014 for $5.5 million, otherwise they would have owed him $25 million. This year, Santana made $25.5 million despite pitching in a game. Santana signed a six-year, $137.5-million deal with the team that included the team option for the 2014 season. Santana had surgery to repaira torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder before the season started. Santana's last game with the Mets did not go well, as it resulted in his shutdown for the season. On August 17, 2012, Johan allowed 6 earned runs in 5 innings pitched. Santana is 46-34 with a 3.18 ERA with the Mets, but has made only 109 starts since being acquired in a trade before the 2008 season. Johan has only played in 4 seasons with the Mets, as he was sidelined 2 separate years for separate surgeries. And of course, as all Mets' fans remember, Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in New York Mets history. Sandy Alderson's exact words when asked about Santana were, "I think that's a possibility. I don't really know what Johan's thinking. We'll talk to him, I'm sure, over the next couple of weeks but I think he wants to pitch. We'll just have to see what the market is for these guys and how much of our resources we want to allocate to somebody coming off injury or somebody you hope was able to pitch for you at a higher level." So will Johan Santana be back in a Mets uniform in 2014? I think that is entirely up to how much he is worth to other teams.