It's always fun yet dangerous to do comparisons of young pitchers.  However, I thought looking at these two would be an interesting comparison.  Of course not showing up in the stats, Darling was obtained by trading fan favorite CF Lee Mazzilli.  Wheeler was obtained by trading fan favorite CF Carlos Beltran.   These two also struggled with their control in the minor leagues, Darling even more so than Wheeler.  


Below, I have taken Ron Darling's first full season (1984) as a comparison. 


Player  Year Age  Height  Weight ERA WHIP H9 HR9  BB9  SO9  K% BB% BAA  BABIP  FIP
Ron Darling 1984  23  6'3  195 3.80 1.37  7.82  0.74 4.54  5.94 15.40 11.80 .231  .260  4.11
Zack Wheeler 2013  23  6'4 185  3.38  1.34 8.08 0.92 3.99 7.67  19.90 9.80 .239 .282 4.10

What does this mean?  Perhaps nothing at all.  I am just tired of talking about the Mets lack of offense, Terry's lack of coaching, the Wilpons general ineptitude and Sandy being Satan.